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Something strange is happening in the city. When Ian McCalister receives an end of night call to check out a routine disturbance in a wealthy suburb he has no idea of the horrific reality that he is about to encounter—but this is to be the start of series of nightmarish events where even the very fabric of reality seems to be threatened. People are going missing, there’s vague reports of unidentifiable, hellish creatures being sighted and worse a new drug craze is sweeping through the underground drug culture—a drug known only as Blue.

When troubled Art Student Josh Holt’s would-be girlfriend takes the mysterious drug and slips into a coma, he and his friends are plunged into a nightmare shadow-world of meat puppet drug dealers, demonic entities and physic warfare as they search for some kind of cure. Along the way they meet the mysterious Carthy, who claims to be an agent from another realm of reality, their paths cross with the troubled cop Ian McCalister who is struggling with his own personal demons on his own quest for answers. But when they find the source of the Blue, the truth is far darker than any of them dreamed.

Every angle of the room was warped, falling in on itself, holes discharging something like mucus existed where they couldn’t. And it was all drifting, moving, flowing into itself and spreading out. It was a vision no psyche could withstand and it wouldn’t fade—would never fade.

ISBN 978-1-926801-18-6

MSRP $25.99 USD