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On July 1st, 2003 Susan Sarandon called police from the set of the Miramax movie Shall We Dance to report the theft of some of her jewelry, including a gold necklace. The next day Sidney Teerhuis calmly walked into a police station to report waking from a drunken blackout to find his acquaintance dead in the bathtub.

At the rented room police found the victim dismembered, beheaded, sawn in half, disemboweled and castrated with the chest sliced open and all of the internal organs gone! One eye had been removed and the body posed, crudely reassembled. Susan Sarandon’s stolen gold necklace was found a few feet away from the murder-horror spectacle.

Obsessed with celebrity, his role models—serial killers, with Susan Sarandon’s stolen jewelry, Sidney hatches a diabolical plan to achieve his ultimate fantasy…

Inside: The Killer’s Revelations, Handwritten Letters, Trial Transcripts, and 13 Shocking Drawings!

ISBN 978-1-926801-00-1 (Trade Paperback)
978-1-926801-21-6 (Ebook)

MSRP $16.99 USD (paperback), $4.99 USD (ebook)

Praise for Trophy Kill

Accomplished journalist Dan Zupansky goes deep into one of Canada’s most fascinating murder tales, delivering the story with a sort of factual purity that lesser crime writers avoid. His meticulous reconstruction of a frightening crime leads us deep inside the mind of a celebrity-obsessed psychopath and affords a glimpse of evil we rarely see.

— Ron Franscell, bestselling author of THE DARKEST NIGHT

Dan Zupansky’s “Trophy Kill” is a great true crime book by a thoughtful and concerned author and reporter. Dan’s insight and empathy serves the reader, and him, as well.

— Fred Rosen, author of TRAILS OF DEATH

Zupansky’s chilling account and unique insights into the criminal mind is what readers of true crime long for. TROPHY KILL expertly pieces together in graphic detail and unique style one of the most disturbing murders in Canadian history.

— Cathy Scott, author of THE MILLIONAIRE’S WIFE

Dan Zupansky is the author of TROPHY KILL — one of the most shocking true crime books ever written. If you don’t own it, you are missing a true master journalist in top form sharing a most horrific story.

— Burl Barer-Edgar, Award-winning author of BODY COUNT and co-host of True Crimes Uncensored

I have read countless true crime books over the past 20+ years, but none — NOT A SINGLE ONE — has ever left me reeling like Dan Zupansky’s Trophy Kill: The “Shall We Dance” Murder. It was like NOTHING I have ever read in true crime before.

— Kim Cantrell, True Crime Book Review/CrimeZine

Dan Zupansky’s TROPHY KILL: THE SHALL WE DANCE MURDER is a disturbing look into the soul of Canadian killer, Sydney Teerhuis, and the terrible things he did to his victim, Robin Greene, in the summer of 2003. The two had met in a bar in the city of Winnipeg and returned to room 309 at the Royal Albert Arms Hotel for a night, Greene believed, of consensual sex. Once the door closed behind them, however, Green’s fate was sealed. There’s no reason for me to describe here the details of the most horrific murder, as the book does an excellent job of presenting the facts. Suffice it to say, that it is not an easy book to read, and one will come away feeling the need to take a mental shower. That said, this terrible crime did in fact happen, and as such, it is important for us to remember, for the more we know about what humans are capable of doing to one another, the better off we’ll be as we travel through this world.

— Kevin Sullivan, author of THE BUNDY MURDERS