Prohyptikon Publishing Inc. is currently seeking submissions from agents and non-represented authors and creators in the following genres: Graphic Novels and Comic Book Series in Science Fiction, Horror, and Dark Fantasy; and Prose in Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy, Occult/New Age, and True Crime. Preference will be given to Canadian authors and creators, but submissions are accepted from all over the globe.

Prose Submission Guidelines

To begin the submission process, you must have an industry standard book proposal prepared that includes a minimum of three sample chapters, a complete outline, intended audience, and a brief author biography.

Detailed instructions for preparing a book proposal are available in the easy-to-use guide, Getting Your Book Published For Dummies by S.P. Zackheim and A Zackheim, and other similar titles from retailers everywhere.

Graphic Novel and Comic Book Submission Guidelines

At this time, we are only able to accept submissions for Graphic Novels and Comic Books with a complete team of creators: Writer, Penciller, Inker, Colorer, and Letterer, for completely original works. Submissions which contain references to, or characters from already-published graphic novels or series cannot be accepted.

Submissions for Graphic Novels and Comic Books should contain a cover letter briefly describing the project and team, a complete synopsis of the graphic novel or series (including issue breaks where appropriate), and five completed pages of the graphic novel or first issue of the comic book series.

For More Information

For more information on Prohyptikon submission guidelines or to begin the submission process, please send us an email at:

Once you have your completed industry-standard book proposal prepared, you may send it in digital format (PDF only) to the above email address, or send a hard-copy to:

Prohyptikon Publishing Inc.
ATTN: Submissions Department
604 Edward Ave., Unit 2
Richmond Hill, Ontario.   L4C 9Y7

Please note: you will only receive a reply to your submission if we are interested in your work. Please do not send complete manuscripts, original documents/artwork/photographs, or only-copies, as submitted materials will not be returned. Incomplete or non-standard proposals will be automatically rejected.